Ambrosia Publication: Dalmatia and the Jugoslav ...
Title:   Dalmatia and the Jugoslav movement / by Count Louis Voinovitch, with a preface by Sir Arthur Evans
Author:   Vojnović, Lujo conte, 1864-
    Copeland, Fanny S tr.
    Seton-Watson, Robert William 1879-1951 tr.
Publisher:   London: G. Allen & Unwin Ltd.; New York: C. Scribner's Sons,
Date:   [1920]
Description:   English version by Fanny S. Copeland and R. W. Seton-Watson. cf. Foreword to the English edition.
    'Books consulted': p. 23-24.
Subject:   Eastern question (Balkan)
    Austria; Politics and government
    Dalmatia; History
Format:   3-319, [1] p.:
Language:   eng
LOC:   D465.V73
Call Number:   EQ 1578.2 (Gennadius Library)