Ambrosia Publication: France and the Levant from ...
Title:   France and the Levant from the Bourbon Restoration to the Peace of Kutiah / by Vernon John Puryear ; with an introd. by Henri Hauser
Author:   Puryear, Vernon John 1901-
Publisher:   Berkeley: University of California press; and Los Angeles,
Series:   Half-title : University of California publications in history vol. XXVII
Date:   1941
Description:   'The third in the writer's studies of the policies applied by the major powers in Balkan Europe, southwestern Asia, and Egypt, this book chronologically and topically precedes its companion volume, International economics and diplomacy in the Near East (1935), an account of British commercial policy from 1834 to 1853.' --Pref., p. xi.
    Bibliography: p. 223-235.
Subject:   Eastern question
    Europe; Politics and government; 1815-1848; 1815-1848.
    France; Commerce; Levant; Levant.
    France; Foreign relations; 1814-1830; 1814-1830.
    France; Relations (general) with the Levant
    Levant; Commerce; France; France.
    Levant; Relations (general) with France
Format:   xvi, 252 p.;
Language:   eng
LOC:   E173D376.F8.C15 vol. 27.C15 vol. 27
Call Number:   EQ 1680.32 (Gennadius Library)