Ambrosia Publication: Epistolæ obscurorum virorum ...
Title:   Epistolæ obscurorum virorum : The Latin text with an English rendering, notes, and an historical introduction / by Francis Griffin Stokes.
    Epistolæ obscurorum virorum
Author:   Busche, Hermann von dem, 1468-1534
    Crotus Rubeanus, Johannes, ca. 1480-ca. 1539 supposed author
    Hutten, Ulrich von, 1488-1523 supposed author
    Stokes, Francis Griffin ed. and tr.
Publisher:   London : Chatto & Windus,
Date:   1909
Description:   'Of this edition of the Epistolæ obscurorum virorum five hundred and twenty-five copies have been printed, of which only five hundred copies are for sale.'
    'The actual authors of the Epistolae accordingly stand before us to-day in the persons of Crotus Rubianus and Ulrich von Hutten ... To Crotus belongs the origination of the design ... and the first forty-one letters of the first series are probably from his pen alone. To Hutten belong the Appendix to the first series, and the whole of the second series' ... with the possible co-operation of a third person, Hermann von dem Busche. cf. Introd., p. lxvi-lxvii.
    'Bibliographical note': p. xiii-xiv.
Format:   lxxiii p., 2 ., 3-559, [1] p. :
Language:   lat eng
Dewey:   879.7
Call Number:   GC 5480.1 (Gennadius Library)