Ambrosia Publication: Fragmentum lexici rhetorici ...
Title:   Fragmentum lexici rhetorici emandatius editum et adnotatione illustratum
Author:   Meier, Moritz Hermann Eduard 1796-1855
Publisher:   Halae: Typis Hendelianis,
Date:   1844
Description:   Pages extracted from an Index of Scholars at the Universitas Fridericiana Halens cum Vitebergensi Consociata 1844.
    For attribution of authorship cf. 'Mansell pre-56 v. 373 p. 590.'
    In 4 pts.
Subject:   Scriptores Lexicographi.
Format:   [III]-XVI p.;
Language:   lat grc
Call Number:   GC 4165 (Gennadius Library)