Ambrosia Publication: Excerpta cypria : materials ...
Title:   Excerpta cypria : materials for a history of Cyprus / translated and transcribed by Claude Delaval Cobham ; with an appendix on the bibliography of Cyprus.
Author:   Cobham, Claude Delaval, 1842-1915 tr.
Publisher:   Cambridge : University Press,
Date:   1908
Description:   The papers collected and arranged in this volume comprise extracts and translations from books treating of Cyprus, travels, histories and others, written between A.D. 23 and 1866 by eighty different writers in twelve tongues. 'Of these papers 35 were published at Nicosia between 1892 and 1895, as a supplement to the Owl: 44 were printed at Larnaca, for private circulation between 1896 and 1902: that on Umm Haram is extracted from the Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society, Jan. 1897, and the extract from the Catalan Lopez is here printed; for the first time.'
    'Epitaphs': p.475-479.
Subject:   Cyprus; History
Format:   523 p. :
LOC:   DS54.A2C6
Call Number:   NHE 42/C 651 (Gennadius Library)
    N 588 (British School Library)