Ambrosia Publication: [Collection of flyleaf tracts ...
Title:   [Collection of flyleaf tracts : issued at Ilford, s.a.].
Publisher:   [S.l.: s.n.,
Institution:   Protestant Press Bureau
Date:   s.a.]
Contents:   1. The Roman Catholic mission--2. Rome and the imperial race. Tract no. 9--3. The good old times. Tract no. 10--4. Claims of the Roman priesthood. Tract no. 11--5. Lord Acton on the Roman Church. Tract no. 12--6. Rome, rum, rags. Tract no. 14--7. Convent wealth and mortality. Tract no. 15--8. Purgatory. Tract no. 16
Format:   p.;
Language:   eng
Call Number:   T 2619 (Gennadius Library)