Ambrosia Publication: Aristotelis Ethicorum Nicomachiorum ...
Title:   Aristotelis Ethicorum Nicomachiorum paraphrasis / incerto auctore, antiquo & eximio peripatetico.
    Paraphrase of the Nicomachean ethics
    Paraphrastes Graecvs in Ethica Aristotelis Nicomachea
Author:   Andronicus, of Rhodes
    Heliodorus, of Prusa
    Andronicus Callistus, of Rhodes, d. 1478
    Heinsius, Daniel, 1580-1655 edt trl
Publisher:   Lugd. Batav : Ex officina Johannis Patij ...,
Date:   1607
Description:   Errata: p. [3-4] (5th group).
    Added t.p. title: Paraphrastes Graecus in Ethica Aristotelis Nicomachea : nunc primum รจ bibliotheca publica editus, & Latine redditus a Daniele Heinsio.
    Paraphrase erroneously attributed to Andronicus Rhodius, or to Andronicus Callistus, and by Constantinus Palaeokappa falsely to an unknown Heliodorus of Prusa. Cf. NUC pre-56, v. 16, p. 510.
    Engraved t.p. and portrait by W. Swanenburg.
    Ascribed to Andronicus of Rhodes by Heinsius in his 1617 ed.
Subject:   Ethics; Early works to 1800
Format:   Two parts in 1 vol. [22], [2] (blank), 418, [2] (blank), [4], 524 p. :
Language:   lat grc grc
    Greek text followed by Latin text.
Call Number:   GC 3241 (Gennadius Library)