Ambrosia Publication: Arriani Tactica et Mauricii ...
Title:   Arriani Tactica et Mauricii Ars militaris / Hrsg. von Joh. Scheffer.
Author:   Arrian
    Maurice, Emperor of the East, 539-602
    Scheffer, Johannes, 1621-1679 edt.
Publisher:   Osnabrück : Biblio-Verlag,
Date:   1967
Description:   Greek text with Latin translation of Techne taktike and of the Strategikon.
    The Techne taktike sometimes attributed to Aelianus Tacticus, is generally ascribed to Arrianus. The Strateegikon, transmitted under the name of Mavrikios, has been mistakenly attributed by some to Maurice, Emperor of the East; it may have been written by Orbicius or by a certain Rufus. cf. Pauly-Wissowa; Karl Krumbucher. Geschichte der byzantischen Literatur, 2. Aufl., p. 635.
    Bibliographical footnotes.
Subject:   Strategy
Format:   14, 121, 537 p. :
Language:   grc
Notes:   Bibliotheca rerum militarium 3
Call Number:   GC 2710.3 (Gennadius Library)