Ambrosia Publication: Classical and mediæval studies ...
Title:   Classical and mediæval studies in honor of Edward Kennard Rand : presented upon the completion of his fortieth year of teaching / edited by Leslie Webber Jones.
Author:   Jones, Leslie Webber, 1900- ed.
Publisher:   New York City : Pub. by the editor,
Date:   [c1938]
Description:   --Astronomy in Lucretius, by H.J. Leon.--In domo Rinucii, by D.P. Lockwood.--A manuscript of Alcuin in the script of Tours, by E.A. Lowe.--Modon.--A Venetian station in mediaeval Greece, by S.B. Luce.--The De syllogismis categoricis and Introductio ad Syllogismos categoricos of Boethius, by A.P. McKinlay.--Tre dettati universitari dell'umanista Martino Filetico sopra Persio, Giovenale ed Orazio, di Giovanni card. Mercati.--Da Prato's Saibantianus of Sulpicius Severus and its humanistic connections, by B.M. Peebles.--A magical text from Beroea in Macedonia, by D.M. Robinson.--The Eastern question in Lucan's Bellum ciuile, by Eva M. Sanford.--An old Irish version of Laodamia and Protesilaus, by J.J. Sanford.--Abbreviations in clm. 6272 from Freising abbey, by A. Souter.--Ennodius and Pope Symmachus. Part I by W.T. Townsend; part II by W.F. Wyatt.--L'odyssée du manuscrit de San Pietro qui renferme les œuvres de saint Hilaire, par dom A. Wilmart.
Contents:   The authorship of 'Quid sit ceroma' / C.H. Beeson--Elementarunterricht und probationes pennae in der ersten hälfte des mittelalters, von B. Bischoff--Horace : the beginning of the silver age / J. Bridge--Zur geschichte der Stiftsbibliothek von st. Peter zu Basel, von A. Bruckner--The scriptorium of Reims during the archbishopric of Hincmar / F.M. Carey--The verbal 'ornament' ([kosmos]) in Aristotle's Art of poetry / L. Cooper--L'Histoire des Longobards, comment fut-elle conçue et achevée? par Olga Dobia-Rodestvenskaia--Varied strains in Martial / J.W. Duff--Acetabulum / A. Ernout--Plutarch and Appian on Tiberius Gracchus / R.M. Geer--Note on Georgics IV, 491-492 / W.C. Greene--Curatores tabularum publicorum / M. Hammond--A Latin medical manuscript / H.B. Hoffleit--The library of St. Aubin's at Angers in the twelfth century / L.W. Jones
Subject:   Rand, Edward Kennard; 1871-1945
    Classical philology
    Middle Ages
Format:   ix, 310 p. :
Language:   eng
LOC:   PA26.R3
Call Number:   VR 015.3 (Blegen Library)
    BB 1154.6 (Gennadius Library)