Ambrosia Publication: Dio's Roman history / with ...
Title:   Dio's Roman history / with an English translation by Earnest Cary, on the basis of the version of Herbert Baldwin Foster.
    Roman history. English & Greek.
Author:   Cassius Dio
    Cary, Earnest, 1879- tr.
    Foster, Herbert Baldwin, 1874-1906
Publisher:   Cambridge, Mass : Harvard University Press; London : W. Heinemann,
Series:   Loeb classical library 32, 37, 53, 66, 82-83, 175-177
Date:   1914-1927, 1990 printing
Description:   Printing dates vary.
    Greek and English on opposite pages.
    Includes bibliographical references and indexes.
Subject:   Rome; History; 30 B.C.-284 A.D.
    Rome; History; 510-30 B.C.
    Rome; History; To 510 B.C.
Format:   9 v. ;
Language:   eng grc grc
ISBN:   0674990366 (v.1)
    0674990412 (v.2)
    0674990595 (v.3)
    0674990730 (v.4)
    0674990919 (v.5)
    0674990927 (v.6)
    0674991931 (v.7)
    0674991958 (v.8)
    0674991966 (v.9)
Call Number:   GC 2734.84v.2 (Gennadius Library)
    XX 122.1v.2 (British School Library)
    XX 122.2v.2 (British School Library)
    XX 122.3v.2 (British School Library)
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    R 99/D 20 (Blegen Library)