Ambrosia Publication: Aristotelis opera omnia / ...
Title:   Aristotelis opera omnia / Graece et Latine cum indice nominum et rerum absolutissimo
    Works. Greek and Latin
Author:   Aristotle
    Bussemaker, Ulco Cats, 1810-1865 ed.
    Didot, A. Firmin
    Dübner, Friedrich, 1802-1867 ed.
    Heitz, Emil joint ed.
    Heitz, Johann Heinrich Emil, 1825-1890 ed.
Publisher:   Paris: Editoribus Firmin-Didot,
Date:   [1848-1887]
Description:   Greek and Latin in opposite columns.
    Includes bibliographical references.
Format:   5 v.;
Language:   gre
Call Number:   GC 32 (Gennadius Library)