Agora Basket: Gawlinski 2012-54
Title:   Panathenaic Way; East Trench; Small Pit Cut into Pit of B. 46 (No.2)
Supervisor:   Gawlinski
Category:   Pit
Description:   We open this basket to remove the fill from a pit which cut into the pit dug as B.46. It is filled with a very thick, heavy orange clay. We noticed this clay fill while excavating B.7, but thought it was merely an odd patch of a different kind of fill under the road: we were wrong.
This pit is squarish and continues into the south scarp. It is 6.9cm long (W-E) and at least 37cm long (N-S) at the south end; it narrows at the east.
The fill begins to get rocky, so we change baskets to continue removing the clayey fill now that it has an increase in plum-sized stones.
Contents:   dated post 380 by presence of bronze coin
6 bones in bag
1 sm possible Corinthian frag
1 probable bl figure frag
A couple of cup and handle frags, possibly Archaic or earlier
2 possible frags of Phaleron cups
2 bl gl frags, probably 6th BC
A mix of Archaic and earlier fine ware
All saved, coarse and fine for now
56 fine 73 coarse
Notebook Page:   5299
Chronology:   early 4th c. BC
Date:   18-20 Jul 2012
Section:   ΒΓ
Grid:   L/15,16-6/2
Elevation:   52.995-52.518m.
Masl:   52.518-52.995m.
Is Below:   Agora:Basket:gawlinski:2012:b:53
Is Above:   Agora:Basket:gawlinski:2012:b:60
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