Agora Deposit: B 18:1
Title:   Pyre
Category:   Pyre
Description:   Pyre in House D, Room 4 (RSY=Pyre 4).
Notebook refers to House N.
Pottery belongs late in third quarter of the 4th. c. BC. Pyre burned near beginning of last quarter.
Artifacts, burnt bone, and cinders in round pit. The east side of the pit was destroyed by a Roman pit, but the deposit appears to be largely intact. The pyre pit was dug through layer 1 and into layer 2, both of which overlay the foundation of the wall between rooms 3 and 4. Hence the pyre may postdate the abandonment of the house considerably. The hardened and reddened floor of the pit and the location of cinders under the pottery indicate the pyre was burnt in situ.
Contents:   Organic material: "a few fragments of burned bones" (missing).
Bibliography:   Hesperia Suppl. 47 (2013), no. 41, pp. 151, 152, figs. 4, 78, 82, 83.
    Hesperia 20 (1951), pp. 117-119, pl. 51 a (Pyre 4).
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Chronology:   350-300 B.C.
Date:   16 March 1948
Section:   ΝΝ
Grid:   ΝΝ:63/ΛΗ
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