Agora Deposit: I-O 15:1.5
Title:   Construction fill of South Stoa II
Category:   Fill
Description:   Material from trenches:
a) 1.00-7.00m. from East End of Stoa.
b) 18.40-21.40m. from East End of Stoa, with some disturbed fill including 1st c. A.D. material.
c) 46.60-48-60m. from East End of Stoa.
d) 51.00-53.00m. from East End of Stoa.
e) 79.00-81.00m. from East End of Stoa.
Contents:   Coins:
22 July 1960 #1
ΜΣ: 9 July 1965 #5-#6
Chronology:   2nd c. B.C.
Date:   8 August 1956
4 August 1959
22 July 1960
13 July 1965
12 May 1967
Section:   Τ
References:   Objects (6)
Deposit: I-O 15:1