Agora Deposit: P 21:3
Title:   Well in West Colonnade of Roman House H
Category:   Well
Description:   Well in West Colonnade of Roman House H. Covered by a large handsome marble well-head, apparently reused. Cut through bedrock. Diameter ca. 1.20m, water at -3.60m.
Two distinct POU fills. One at ca. -4.50m to -4.75m dating to the 7th c. A.D.. probably to be associated with the reoccupation of Roman House H by squallers, the other at -6.30m to -6.75m of the 6th c. A.D., reflecting period of use of the house.
Notes:   Estimated Grid.
Lot T 400 now S 400. It became one small sack after the 5 pots were inventoried, JJ, July 2010, p. 2373.
Date:   June-August 1970
Section:   Ω
Grid:   P/12,13-21/14,15
Elevation:   -6.75m.
Masl:   -6.75m.
References:   Publication Page: Agora 24, s. 66, p. 42
Publication Page: Agora 24, s. 72, p. 48
Report: 1971 Ω
Report: 1970 Ω
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Object: A 3856
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Lot: Ω 399
Lot: Ω 400
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