Agora Deposit: R 13:8
Title:   Debris From Room I of Street Stoa
Category:   Other
Description:   Debris, Room I of Street Stoa (R/16,20-13/10,15).
The lack of any rooftiles and similar architectural debris suggests that perhaps it was brought in from an adjacent area and dumped in the room. This is further suggested by the fact that the debris rested not on the floor but on bedrock dressed down to ca. 65.80m, well below the level of the threshold block. Two explanations are possible for the peculiar lack of floors. One would be that after the Herulian sack the upper walls were so badly damaged that it proved easier to cut down the floor level rather than rebuild the walls (cf. refurbishing of the Metroon). Another possible explanation is that the room was quarried for clean bedrock fill (perhaps by the builders of the Late Roman Building to the east), with the resultant filling of the room with destruction debris from Alaric's attack on the city, perhaps taken from the same area where the bedrock fill was to be used (cf. east, in Room 1 and the south half of Room 2.
Contents:   Coins
1 May 1975 #741-#752
6 May 1975 #755-#764
7 May 1975 #765-#787
8 May 1975 #788-#789
Date:   6-8 May 1975
Section:   ΡΡ
Grid:   R/16,20-13/10,15