Agora Drawing: PD 1140-1c (DA 7871)Classical profiles for Agora XII.
Name:   PD 1140-1c (DA 7871)
PD:   PD 1140-1c
Title:   Classical profiles for Agora XII.
Artist:   Nina Travlou
Notes:   Scales 1:1 except as noted. Redrawn in digital format (ca. 2007-2008) by Anne Hooton and Kathleen Lynch for forthcoming addition/supplement to Agora XII.
Storage:   47
Negative:   83-69
Scale:   1:1
Period:   Classical
Bibliography:   Agora XII, fig. 13, no. 1723.
Date:   1960
References:   Publication: Agora XII
Object: P 20812