Agora Drawing: PD 1095 (DA 7999)Black-glazed ribbed cup from Corinth.
Name:   PD 1095 (DA 7999)
PD:   PD 1095
Title:   Black-glazed ribbed cup from Corinth.
Artist:   Hero Athanassiades
Notes:   C. 39247. Redrawn in digital format (ca. 2007-2008) by Anne Hooton and Kathleen Lynch for forthcoming addition/supplement to Agora XII.
The linked image is a photo of the drawing, neg. no. 81-431 (2012.55.1237)
Storage:   47
Negative:   81-431
Scale:   1:1
Bibliography:   Agora XII, p. 444, fig. 5.
Date:   1958
References:   Publication: Agora XII
Image: 2012.55.1237 (81-431)