Agora Object: Agora XXX, no. 1528
Chronology:   Ca. 510 B.C.
Deposit:   G 14
Published Number:   AV 30.1528
References:   Object: P 287
Floor fragment. Max. dim. 0.059; est. diam. of tondo 0.096.

I, youthful komast (head with fillet, part of garment over shoulder) to right. In the background an object (a wineskin[?]) hangs on the wall(?). In the field:

Reserved line for tondo border. Relief contour. Red: fillet; inscription; string of wineskin.

The wineskin may have looked something like the one held by the komast on Athens, N.M. 1430 by the Euergides Painter (ARV2 95, 122).

Manner of the Euergides Painter (ARV2 one 66, 10); Euergides Painter (ARV2 94, 97). P. Rouillard (RA 1975 [ pp. 31--60], p. 33, note 1) removed 1528 from the works by the Euergides Painter because "les dessins de la bouche ouverte et de la couronne de cheveux sont totalement ├ętrangers au style du Peintre d'Euergid├Ęs," but he does not suggest an alternative.