Agora Object: ST 780
Inventory Number:   ST 780
Section Number:   Ω 1559
Title:   Sundial
Category:   ST Marble
Description:   Complete except for two large chips from top.
Cubical block of marble with a broad concave face hollowed out, divided by eleven radiating lines and two perpendicular ones. Attachment for bronze or lead needle in center above.
Carving along sides: two lion's feet end in a calyx from which springs an acanthus stalk also ending in calyx from which springs a rosette of two rows of six leaves each. Rough-picked behind.
Pentelic marble.
Cf. ST 147.
Context:   Upper destruction fill of Roman House H, north of room 4.
Notebook Page:   2531
Negatives:   Leica
Dimensions:   H. 0.15; L. 0.32; W. 0.22
Date:   4 August 1970
Section:   Ω
Grid:   Q 21
Elevation:   -4.50m.
Masl:   -4.5m.
Bibliography:   Gibbs (1976), p. 231.
Is Similar To:   Agora:Object:ST 147
References:   Notebook: Ω-12
Notebook: Ω-13
Notebook Page: Ω-12-42 (pp. 2272-2273)
Notebook Page: Ω-13-70 (pp. 2530-2531)
Card: ST 780