Agora Object: T 3393
Inventory Number:   T 3393
Section Number:   ΚΤΛ 364
Title:   Impression of Metal Work
ΤΙΤΛΟΣ:   Πήλινο σφράγισμα από διακόσμηση πόρπης ζώνης με παράσταση Οδυσσέα που θρηνεί και σύγχρονο εκμαγείο Ύστερος 5ος - 4ος αι. π.Χ.
Category:   Terracotta Moulds
Description:   The impression was taken from a relief worked in repousse on a plaque 0.073m. high and 0.105m. long.
Intact, except for minor chips.
Toward the left end were rivets (two out of an original three) for fastening the plaque to a backing; toward the right two loose rings.
A bearded and long-haired warrior sits disconsolate to left on his cloak spread on a rock, spear in hand, shield with prominent Gorgoneion by his side; helmet in field.
Perhaps Philoktetes (?).
Fine buff clay.
ΠΕΡΙΓΡΑΦΗ:   Εκμαγείο από πόρπη μεταλλικής ζώνης.
Context:   Brought in by our workman George Vassiliades who acquired it from a man who found it in the fill of the earth being dumped in one of the great clay pits on the Sacred Way.
Negatives:   Leica, LXIV-86, color slide
PD Number:   PD 1680
Dimensions:   H. 0.118, (relief) 0.007; W. 0.115; Th. 0.04
Date:   12 June 1954
Section:   ΚΤΛ
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Card: T 3393
Card: T 3393