Ambrosia Publication: Manuscripta : a journal for ...
Title:   Manuscripta : a journal for manuscript research.
    Manuscripta (St. Louis Mo.)
Publisher:   Turnhout (Belgium) : Brepols,
Institution:   St. Louis University Knights of Columbus Vatican Film Library (St. Louis, Missouri)
Date:   1957 -
Description:   Vol.56.1, 2012 includes an article by Konstantinos Terzopoulos under title ''A checklist of manuscripts containing Byzantine chant notation in the Gennadius Library of the American School of Classical Studies in Athens, Greece'', pp.131-139.
    Includes table of contents.
    Includes index.
Subject:   Newspapers and periodicals; Gennadeion Collection
Format:   vols. :
Notes:   Historical bulletin
ISSN:   0025-2603
Call Number:   P 882 (Gennadius Library)
URL:   [The official website of St. Louis University]
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