[Corinth Object] LOT 677:10: ZEUXIPPUS WARE BOWL RIM

Echinoid body, flaring rim, tapered lip. White slip inside and in wide circles or drips outside. Dark yellow glaze inside and half way down outside. Four parallel lines incised on rim in slip. Similar ... 1961/05/12

[Corinth Object] LOT 677:11

Wash on outside, white slip and yellow glaze inside. Inside center bottom is spiral, 0.018 in diameter, incised with thick line in slip. Also three small dots in glaze around circle, suggesting it rested ... 1961/05/12

[Corinth Object] LOT 677:12

Whitish slip over all. White glaze inside with black line decoration in center: seven black lines increasing in length from 0.004 to 0.032. Fragment. One fragment of whole foot with part of body. Encrustation ... 1961/05/12

[Corinth Object] LOT 677:13

Grayish blue glaze inside. Black paint spiral on tondo. Fragment. One fragment whole foot and bottom ... 1961/05/12

[Corinth Object] LOT 677:14

Pinkish slip over all. Clear glaze inside and on rim. Three bands of pink paint and one line of brown under glaze. Fragment. One fragment body with small section of rim ... 1961/05/12

[Corinth Object] LOT 677:15

Yellowish slip inside and over lip. Wash on outside. Line of red glaze on inside body, band of white glaze on carination and just below rim, band of vertical black lines on white background on rim. Fragment ... 1961/05/12

[Corinth Object] LOT 677:16

Clear glaze inside and over lip. On rim painted red half-oval. Fragment. One fragment of rim and body. Heavy encrustation on outside ... 1961/05/12

[Corinth Object] LOT 677:17

White slip and clear glaze inside and over lip. Inside decorated with series of black paint lines and one thick band of brown glaze. Similar to C-86-3. Fragment. One fragment rim and body. Glaze missing ... 1961/05/12