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The Ekklesia (Citizens' Assembly) All Athenian citizens had the right to attend and vote in the Ekklesia, a full popular assembly which met about every 10 days. All decrees (psephismata) were ratified ... K) - these small tokens

[Corinth Report] Temple E, Southeast excavations 2015, by Wesley Bennett (April 21 - April 28): 2015 Session I Excavations: Corridor North of the Church in Unit 2

Wesley Bennett Session I Temple E Southeast Excavations 1075-1078.5 N, 121.5-129.5 E 21-28.04.2015 This is the end-of-session summary of the first session of excavations in 2015 in the Corridor North ... K. Williams II (NB 863) ... 2, Room 8 (Wall 156: ... of Room 8. Instead, this

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Staff and Contact Information The Agora Excavations offices are located within the ancient Agora archaeological site, on the upper floor of the Stoa of Attalos. The offices in the Stoa of Attalos are open ... M4W 1K1 Canada Email:


[Corinth Image] bw 1965 114 34

Heyle, J ... Film: Black figured boulter ( frames 1-27 ), Penteskouphi plaques ( frames 28-36 ) Film Type: Adox KB 14 ... 7/8/1972;9/8/1972