Corinth : results of excavations ...Corinth : results of excavations conducted by the American School of Classical Studies at Athens / General editor, Harold North Fowler.1929-  
 The North cemetery / by Carl ...The North cemetery / by Carl William Blegen, Hazel Palmer, Rodney Stuart Young.1964  
 The minor objects / [by] ...The minor objects / [by] Gladys R. Davidson.1952  
 Corinth XXThe Centenary: 1896-19962003  
 The theatre / by R. Stillwell. ...The theatre / by R. Stillwell.1952  
 Acrocorinth : excavations ...Acrocorinth : excavations in 1926 / by Carl William Blegen [and others].1930  
 The defenses of Acrocorinth ...The defenses of Acrocorinth and the lower town / by Rhys Carpenter and Antoine Bon; with contributions by A.W. Parsons.1936  
 The Roman villa / by Theodore ...The Roman villa / by Theodore Leslie Shear.1930