[Agora Basket] Gawlinski 2012-55: Panathenaic Way; West Trench; Road X

Gawlinski ... We open this basket to excavate the portion of road X preserved along the south scarp. At the far west end, there is a patch made up of larger pebbles (see description in B.32). After its removal it seems ... 3rd quarter 5th c. BC ... from a Phaleron cup A couple


[Agora Basket] Gawlinski 2013-59: Panathenaic Way; East Trench; Fill Cut by Rocky Fill

Laura Gawlinski ... We open this basket to excavate the slightly more compact, somewhat rocky fill uncovered in B. 53 --> the rocky fill of B. 58 cut through it in the SW corner. We come down on another patch of rocky ... archaic-classical ... phaleron cup frag, grey minyan,


[Agora Publication Page] Agora 8, s. 63, p. 49

B.S.A., XII, 1905-1906, p. 85, fig. 6. Skyphos; Metallic Imitation. Well. Hesperia, XVII, 1948, p. 224, D 56. Cup; Phaleron. Kerameikos, V, 1, pl. 128, inv. 822, 857, pl. 129, inv. 787. Brann R 15. Brann ... Agora 8 49 P 20699 P 22441 P 7464 P 9006 P 7196 P 25374 P 3681 P 3682 P 13665 P 13298 R 12:2 N 11:6 D 11:5 J 18:8 I 14:1 G-H 11-12 ... 2nd quarter of 7th B.C ... Cup; Phaleron


[APC Image] AK 1005

Top row, left to right:Fragment of krater, from the side with offset rim. On the top of the rim, sets of parallel lines. On the outside, a chain of diamonds with central dots. On the inside, a vertical ... 1934 ... Phaleron ware; top: a small

[Agora Webpage] Birth of Democracy: The Speakers


The Speakers Litigants spoke on their own behalf, although occasionally using speeches prepared by trained professionals; skillful rhetoric was necessary in order to sway a jury. The speeches written by ... the shore at Phaleron and