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[Agora Image] 2010.01.0387 (LCT-124)

Clay tokens stamped with the name of the cavalry commander ("hipparch") in charge of the islan Lemnos, Pheidon, of Thria, 4th century B.C. Top row: MC 1164, MC 1165, MC 1169, MC 1170. Bottom row: MC 1179, ... Craig Mauzy ... Horizontal (normal) ... Pheidon, of Thria, 4th century

[Agora Webpage] Birth of Democracy: The Athenian Army


The Athenian Army From the very beginning, the Athenians were compelled to fight for their new democracy. Their dramatic victories over the Boiotians and Chalkidians in 506 B.C. led many to attribute Athenian ... of Thria. The eight