[Agora Publication Page] Agora 29.1, s. 19, p. xix

Beardsley, G.H. 1929. The Negro in Greek and Roman Civilization. Baltimore/London. Beazley, J.D. 1946. Miniature Panathenaics, BSA 41, 1940-1945 [1946], pp. 10-21. Beazley, 1947. Etruscan Vase-Painting, ... Agora 29 xix ... Bohtz, C.H., and W.D. Albert. 1975. Die antike Strasse zur Akropolis von ... Brock, J.K., and G.M. Young. 1949. Excavations in Siphnos, BSA 44, pp. 1-92

[Corinth Basket] Nezi Field Context 905: White Marl above Floor

Rachel McCleery; Kyle Mahoney ... Deposit 1106 905 0 Top slope of the context is level. Soil color is light greyish brown. Soil is Compact poorly sorted silty clay. This is the white marl layer above the floor in the zone of the triangle ... 7th c. npd ... Late Roman (5th -6th c AD) ... 7th c. npd

[Corinth Basket] Nezi Field Context 5311: Dumped fill of debris for leveling

Nate Andrade; Matt Baumann ... Deposit 1101 5311 0 Lot 2008-046 Top slope of the context is moderate down to the N. Soil color is dark reddish brown. Soil is Loose poorly sorted silty sand. We start taking context 5311 which is the ... 300 + or - 20 ... Middle Roman (2/2 2nd c-4th c AD)


[Corinth Basket] NB966 B88 P154

Deposit 966 88 154 Lot 2005-006 B88 is the continuation fo the fill from Well 2002-2 which is approx. 75 cm east of Gr. 2002-11. The soil is yellowish brown sandy clay with red inclusions. There are 5% ... with two wall plaster frgts ... 3rd c. B.C.


[Corinth Notebook Page] NB 153, spread 21 (pp. 26 - 27)

26 27 Pg. 26, 10/3/1936 (cont/), C 1936 9, Fragment of rim of Byzantine plate with human head Pg. 26, 10/3/1936 (cont/), Coin 1936 127, Illegible Pg. 26, 10/3/1936 (cont/), Coin 1936 128, Corinth Pg. 26, ... 10/3/1936 (cont/), 11/3/1936 ... Pg. 26, 10/3/1936 (cont/), C 1936 9, Fragment of rim of Byzantine plate with ... Pg. 26, 10/3/1936 (cont/), Coin 1936 134, Corinth IIVIR Nero

[Agora Webpage] Birth of Democracy: The Speakers


The Speakers Litigants spoke on their own behalf, although occasionally using speeches prepared by trained professionals; skillful rhetoric was necessary in order to sway a jury. The speeches written by ... Macedon in the 4th century B.C ... a young man he withdrew ... century B.C. H.: 0.172 m.

[Corinth Basket] Nezi Field Context 5090: General fill, Room N of Room F West

Theo Kopestonsky; Matthew Harrington ... Deposit 1100 5090 0 Top slope of the context is slight down to the E. Bottom slope of the context is slight down to the E. Soil color is light reddish brown. Soil is Soft poorly sorted sandy silt. This ... 1st half of 1st AC ... Early Roman (44BC-1/2 2nd c AD)

[Corinth Basket] Nezi Field Context 1003: Hard fill between Wall 807 and Wall 992

Mohammed Ali Bhatti; Dan Diffendale ... Deposit 1107 1003 0 Lot 2013-001 Soil color is light yellowish brown. Soil is Hard poorly sorted clayey silt. Excavations began at the western end of the Pink area just east of Floor 961. The context ... 1st half 7th c ... 1st half 7th c.