[Agora Object] I 1732: Base Fragment

Inscribed fragment of base. Broken away at left and behind. The surface much weathered; in the top is a cutting, rectangular. Dedication to Athena Ergane. Three lines of the inscription preserved. Pentelic ... Early 4th. century B.C ... I 1732 ... I 1732 ... Κ 459

[Agora Object] I 1894: Record Fragment

Inscribed fragment. The right side preserved; elsewhere broken. "POLETAI" record; sale of confiscated property. Six lines of the inscription preserved; a space above the first, and between the fifth and ... Early 4th. century B.C ... I 1894 ... I 1894 ... Κ 715


[Agora Object] P 27556: Panathenaic Amphora Fragments

Numerous fragments from body of vase, both joining and non-joining but none from base, mouth or handles. Of the athletes there remain the legs of three distance runners on joining fragments, one head much ... 380/79 B.C ... P 27556 ... P 27556 ... Κ 3720


[Agora Object] P 3027: Red Figure Bell or Calyx Krater Fragment

The upper break comes at the junction with the rim. Inside, black glaze, with a reserved line ca. 0.015m. below the top of the fragment. Preserved is the upper front part of a boy's head and face. Relief ... Early 4th c. B.C ... P 3027 ... P 3027 ... Κ 40


[Agora Object] P 28056: Red Figure Lebes Gamikos with Relief Decoration

Mended from many pieces; wall fragments and handles restored. A) On the shoulder, tongues above ovules. Two women, one moving left, the other right. They carry chests with long taeniae and both look ... Mid-4th. c. B.C ... P 28056 ... P 28056 ... Κ 4131

[Agora Coin] N 29010

Philippoi ... BMC 13 Head of young Herakles r. φIλIππωN at r. of Tripod; above, branch; at l., bunch of grapes ... ca. 356--350 B.C ... Κ-7 ... N 29010 ... N 29010

[Agora Object] I 1532: Grave Monument Fragment

Inscibed grave stele. Mended from two pieces; broken away above, below; chipped on the sides. Part of the moulding above the inscription preserved. Three lines of the inscription preserved. Hymettian marble ... After 350 B.C ... I 1532 ... I 1532 ... Κ 214

[Agora Deposit] I 15:2: Filling

Undisturbed fill at 34-36/I-K (Heliaia Peristyle, west aisle). Two pieces (T 3662 and SS 14440) are recorded as "undoubtedly from Peristyle fill of third quarter of 4th century B.C." although "from area ... Third quarter of 4th c. B.C ... I 15:2 ... I 15:2