[Agora Image] 1997.01.0259 (Leica A 1735 Leica A 1736)

Fragment of bottom step (A 1735) and wall block with lifting tong cutting (A 1736) found in the Long Late Roman Wall, east side of the Agora ... Horizontal (normal)


[Agora Object] A 1735: Stereobate Block Fragment

Top, front and right end preserved; broken on other sides. On top, front 0.115m. smooth and weathered, broad chisel behind; weathered setting line clear at 0.115m. Front weathered; right end has anathyrosis ... April 1949

[Agora Object] A 1736: Stereobate or Foundation Block Fragment

Reused block. As of the reuse, the front, back, bottom and left end preserved. The bottom was originally a top surface, to judge from half a lifting tong cutting preserved, set in 0.135m. in front present ... April 1949

[Agora Object] A 620: Euthynteria Block Fragment with Mason's Mark

From the middle of a block, with parts of top and back surfaces only preserved; broken at both ends, at front and at bottom. The top has a smooth surface finished with a chisel but not polished. On it ... 25 February 1936

[Agora Object] A 625: Euthynteria Block with Mason's Mark

Top surface: Setting line 0.155m. from front edge; the surface in front of this polished; behind, finished with chisel. Cuttings for H-clamps at each end; a rectangular dowel hole in about center of stone; ... 25 February 1936

[Agora Object] A 146: Euthynteria Block with Mason's Mark

Finished with anathyrosis on both ends. Of the front, the lower part is left rough, the upper rough-picked but surrounded by a smooth band. On the top, a setting line 0.155m. back from the front; in front ... 11 February 1933

[Agora Object] A 2393: Euthynteria Block

Cutting, re-cut, for T-clamp, retaining some iron. Cutting for dowel of upper block at break. Dowel and shift cutting below at end. On top: Ε. Face rough-picked. Surfaces much worn. From the Temple of ... 1953