[Agora Object] A 1976: Capital Fragment: Ionic

Abacus and top of bolster of Ionic capital. Top and front preserved, the top with a relieving surface approximately 0.02m. in from edge. Cyma reversa at top with clear marks of painted egg decoration, ... 14 April 1952


[Agora Object] A 2973: Capital: Ionic

The builders of the Late Roman Fortification Wall had knocked off chips, especially from the volutes; most are missing. Empolion cutting on underside 0.06m square. Egg and dart not carved but painted; ... July 1959

[Agora Object] A 3452: Capital Fragment: Ionic

Fragment from bottom of capital preserving part of one volute, cyma reversa and fascia above. Traces of painted ornament, egg and dart on cyma reversa, maeander on fillet. From same series as A 1595 ... 6 June 1964


[Agora Object] A 4273: Capital Fragment

Preserved is outer half of one volute (the right as facing) with half of eye hole and part of abacus. Top surface preserved, sloping outward, broken at side so abacus molding is missing. Part of cutting ... 23 July 1971