P-R 6-12Stoa Construction FillSeptember 1949Before ca. 150 B.C. 
O 13:3Square Byzantine Well South of Middle Stoa Pier 2113-27 May 1953Byzantine 
H 12:6Rubbish Dump7 June 1937 19 March-17 May 1938Ca. 425-400 B.C. 
 H-I 12:1Burnt Layers1-9 June 1951 (Ζ) 8-9 July 1947 (Θ)Mid-3rd c. A.D. 
 G-I 11-12Investigations in the area of the Tholos various levels and dates 
 F 11:2Well5 April-8 May 1934Ca. 350-294 B.C. 
 M-N 15:1South Stoa II: Building Fill To ca. 140 B.C. 
 R 13:1Well26-29 June 1933 8 April-26 May 1936Ca. 430-400 B.C. 
 R 13:1.2Lower Fill Last quarter 5th c. B.C. 
 Q 15:2Well to the North of Nymphaeum8-29 April 1954 20 June 1954ca. 420-400 B.C. 
 S 22:2Well at 43/ΙΕ30 March 1939 22-30 May 19397th-Late 6th century 
 B 17:1Strosis8-11 August 1947 17-22 March 1948 4 May 1949 26 March 1956 2 April 1956  
 J 2:1Well West of N-S Street27 July-2 August 1982Ca. 115-75 
 U 22:1.3Fill C. Late 2nd-earliest 3rd c. A.D. 
 E 29:5Well6-15 July 1964Early 4th c. A.D. 
 M 20:1CisternFebruary 1937  
 N 7:3Skytha Well12 May-13 June 1951ca. 460-440 B.C. 
 O 20:1Cistern at 63/ΛΑ13-25 May 1938300-195 B.C. 
 O 20:1.1Upper fill18-23 May 1938Second half 1st c.-1st half 2nd c. A.D. 
 T 24:3Well 8 in ΟΑ28 May-16 June 1938Late 6th - early 5th c. B.C. 
 U 22:1 28 April-5 May 1937 7 April-6 May 1938, 20 April to 15 June 1938, 5 May-22 June 19392nd c. A.D.- Byzantine 
 D 4:1West chamber1-16 April 1937Use filling early 1st c. B.C. 
 L 5:2Debris Pit2 August 1971 4-6 July 1973 27 June-11 July 1980  
 J 3:1Well26 May 19819th-13th c. A.D. 
 J 12:2Well19-24 May 1933Late 2nd-early 3rd c. A.D. 
 S 23:1Byzantine Well14-18 April 1939Byzantine 
 B 14:2Well on South Slope of Kolonos Agoraios12 June 1936 23 April 19371st.-4th c. A.D. 
 D 5:2Drawshaft31 March-12 April 1937Hellenistic and Roman, 4th c. A.D. 
E 18:7Well24 May-5 June 1969Late 2nd-early 1st c. B.C. 
 F 17:1North Hypocaust Furnace Dump26 March-16 April 1948Second half 3rd c.-first half 4th c. A.D. 
 G-H 10-11Passage between Metroon and Tholos11-26 April 1935 7-19 July 1954Geometric to second c. B.C. 
 H 11:1Well19 May-7 June 1933  
 H 13:5Bedrock cutting under Road 6 by Stoa Pier 124-25 July 1967Ca. 480 B.C. 
L-M 7:1Pit26-27 February 1957 6 April 19577th-5th c. B.C. 
 M 20:1.1Top + Intermediate fills6-9 February 19372nd-3rd c. A.D. 
 N 11:7Well28 March 1952 7 May 1953Byzantine 
 N 18:5Well Dug through Cistern at 79/MHFebruary-March 19373rd-4th c. A.D. 
 P 18:2Well at 30/ΛΣΤ28 April-23 May 1938Early 3rd cent and of 4th-6th cent. A.D. 
P 21:2Well in East Colonnade of Roman House H29 July 1970  
P 21:3Well in West Colonnade of Roman House HJune-August 1970  
 Q 8-9:1Filling over Floor of Square Peristyle1949, 1950200 B.C. 
 Q 15:1 8-17 June 1933Mid 3rd century 
 H 12:11Well17-29 May 1933Ca. 410-390 B.C. 
 I 4:1Royal Stoa, North Annex Building Fill24 July 19704th quarter of 5th c. B.C. 
J 5:1Crossroads Well14 June-27 July 1971  
 J 5:1.4Lower Accumulation and POU3 July 1971Late 5th c.-300 B.C. 
 K 2:3Well in Byzantine Room 922 June-13 July 1989Byzantine 
N 19:1Cistern30 January-April 1937Second quarter to end of 1st c. B.C. 
 N 20:4Mask Cistern1 February 1938 3-17 March 1938Late 2nd c. and early 1st c. B.C. POU; 110-75 B.C. 
 Q 9-10:1Cistern System: Stoa Terrace at Piers 11-1211 January 1954350-325 B.C (?) 
 G 8:1.2POU   
 G 18:1.2Middle fill22-26 May 1939450-425 B.C 
 H 6:9.2Lower Fillings Both Chambers Ca. 325-270 B.C. 
 H 10:6Well in Metroon Porch to East of Room II8-10 May 1933 17 May 1935 18-26 May 1937  
 H 10:6.1Upper level Roman 
 H 12:11.2Lower fill, POU Ca. 410-390 B.C. 
 H 13:3Filling over steps of Middle Stoa and road to west23-29 March 1948 20-28 April 1948Late Hellenistic-Early Roman 
 H-I 7-8:1"Burnt Layer"8 March 1933 24 April 1933 11-29 May 1933First half of 5th c. A.D. 
 K 20:1Late Roman Hole24 April-13 May 19403rd-4th c. A.D. 
 L 15:1Slag Pit1-17 July 1959Second half 1st c. A.D. 
 M 20:2Roman Well at 75/E20-22 May 19473rd c. A.D. 
 A 16:4.1Upper Filling and Dump   
 B 14:2.2POU to bottom Late 1st.-late 2nd. c. A.D. 
 D 6:2West Chamber28 April-8 May 1936First half of 3rd c. A.D. 
 E 14:1Cistern22-31 May-3 June 1935Use filling of late 4th-early 3rd c. B.C. Accumulative fillings of late 3rd-early 2nd and late 1st c. B.C. Upper dumped filling of 3rd c. A.D. 
 E 15:7Well C26 February-13 May 1934325-200 B.C. 
 E-F 12-14.3c) Building fill in disturbed places27 February-8 April 1935  
A 16:4Cistern in ΠΠ30 April-1 May 1956Ca. 150 B.C. 
 C 9:6Marble Chips Pit24 February 1936 13 March 1937Ca. 450 B.C. 
 C 9:16Well25 February-5 March 1936 21-22 May 1936A.D. 1st 
 C 12:1Well16 March-29 April 1936A.D. 2nd.-3rd. c. 
 C 19:5House R Fillings27 May-29 October 1947Ca. 5th and 4th c. B.C. 
 C 19:12Well1-10 July 19474th-5th c. A.D. 
D 4:1.2Middle filling1-14 April 1937Second half 1st c. A.D. 
 D 4:1.3Upper filling1-13 April 1937Late 1st-early 2nd c. A.D. 
 D 17:4Cistern at 70/ΚΕ20-27 April 1949Ca. 200-150 B.C. 
 D 17:12Well28 April 1949 3 May 1949 7-20 May 1949Ca. 350-325 B.C. 
E 18:6Herulian Destruction Debris12-18 July 1968Second half of 3rd and into 4th c. A.D. 
 E-F 12-14Building Fill in B'27 February-9 April 1935 12-20 June 1937 18-22 June 1949First half of 5th c. to ca. 460-450 B.C. 
 F 12:4Well5-26 March 1934Ca. A.D. 350 dumped fill 
F 19:4Well2-19 May 1939Ca. 490-450 B.C. 
 F 19:5Unfinished Well Shaft3-4 May 1939Ca. 520-480 B.C. 
 F 19:7Well15-27 May 1939Second half of 4th c. B.C. 
G 5:3"Bone Well"14-23 June 1937 6-24 June 1938Mid-2nd c. B.C. 
 G 8:1Well12 February-25 March 1934POU Early to second half 1st c. A.D. 
 H 5-6Fillings10 February 1933 4-13 March 1935 12 June 1936 18-20 May 19385th c. B.C. 
 H 6:7Cistern28 July-3 August 1931  
H 12:15Well24 March 1953 20 April-6 May 1953Ca. 520-480 B.C. 
 I 16:1Well19 May-13 June 19321st-3rd c. A.D., 5th century 
 I 16:1.1Top fill=Dump19 May-13 June 19327th c. A.D. 
 I 16:3Well7-9 May 1932Late Byzantine 
 L-M 17-18:1Southwest House and Central House (1958)12-21 April 1957 22 July 1957 12-21 March 1958 7 April-13 May 1958 17-20 June 19586rd c. B.C.-3rd c. A.D. 
 M 11:2Well at Southeast Corner of Court of Late Roman Building6 June 1938 12-21 June 193912th c. A.D. 
 M 11:3Well1 June 1946 1-3 July 1946650-600 B.C. 
 N 19:1.2Middle fill11-13 February 1937 10 March-1 April 1937125-86 B.C. 
 O 19:4Well at 55/ΚΕ1 April 1938 18 April-6 May 1938 17-19 May 1938Last quarter of 5th c. B.C. 
 P 10:1Cistern29 May-1 June 1937325-285 B.C. 
 P 10:3Tiled Well in Square Building Foundations1-15 September 1954Third quarter of 4th c. B.C. 
 P 19:1Well at 52/ΛΣΤ3-18 June 1938Late 1st (?) cent.-early 3rd to 6th cent. 
Q 12:3Stoa Gutter Well24 May-9 June 1954Ca. 520-490 B.C.