[Agora Object] Agora XII, no. 1224

Lid missing. Flaring ring foot. Cup handles, flange for lid. Reserved: a zone below the rim decorated with diagonal zigzag lines; a zone above the foot decorated with rays; also reserved: resting surface ... Ca. 480 B.C.

[Agora Object] Agora XII, no. 1225

Low spreading ring foot with broad resting surface. Two skyphos handles; flange for lid. Almost flat lid; the knob sits on a tall stem and has a disc top, with a raised edge round it and a small depression ... 450-425 B.C.

[Agora Object] Agora XII, no. 1247

Lid missing. Ring foot. Offset zone above cup handles. Reserved: lowest part of wall, outer face of foot, resting surface, under- side with two glazed circles and dot, handle-panel, outer face and top ... 425-400 B.C.

[Agora Object] Agora XII, no. 1248

One handle missing, and the knob of the lid (restored). Ring foot. Wall thickened just below rim. Cup handles. Lid slightly convex with four concentric grooves. Light off- setting near base of knob ... Ca. 425 B.C.

[Agora Object] Agora XII, no. 1249

Lid missing; hole in center of floor. Disc foot, concave beneath. High-swung cup handles. Reserved beneath. Small ... Ca. 400 B.C.

[Agora Deposit] G 18:1.2: Middle fill

Heavy deposit of good black and plain wares ... 450-425 B.C


[Agora Image] 2012.24.0336 (6-213)

Vases from a cremation ... AMS Horizontal (normal)