[Agora Object] Agora XII, no. 1298

Part of floor, wall and rim. Finely profiled. Flange for lid. Reserved: edge of angle at wall and floor, and top of rim ... 425-400 B.C.

[Agora Object] Agora XII, no. 1299

Part of foot, floor and wall. Low ring foot, with concave moulding on inner face. Floor elaborately moulded beneath. Wall inset from floor. Reserved: center of underside ... 425-400 B.C.

[Agora Object] Agora XII, no. 1300

About half of bowl missing, and lid. Ring foot. Floor moulded beneath. Reserved: underside with glazed band, two (perhaps three) circles, the center missing. Resting surface has no glaze, worn. Glaze ... Ca. 400 B.C.

[Agora Object] Agora XII, no. 1301

Center of lid and bronze ring missing, restored. Ring foot. Plain except for a lightly raised ring around the center of the lid. Unglazed; smooth surface ... 400-390 B.C.

[Agora Object] Agora XII, no. 1302

Knob and nearly half the top missing. Lid. Flat rim inset with concave underside, and convex lip. Glazed on underside; on the top, five bands of glaze ... 400-375 B.C.


[Agora Image] 2000.02.0300 (Slide Sheet: 19:11 Slide Set: 02:19)

Left to right: pyxis with red figure lid (P 23897), red figure pyxis lid (P 23899), unglazed pyxis and lid (P 23910), black glaze pyxis lid (P 23869) ... Horizontal (normal) ... 1 Jun 2000