N 41855Murād III, 1574-1595 A.D., silver1 May 19331574-1595 A.D. 
 N 41856 1 May 193315th-16th c. A.D. 
 N 41857 1 May 1933  
 L 926Lamp Fragment1 May 1933  
 I 778Marble Fragment1 May 1933  
 Η' 22West Side of Section chiefly under Poseidon Street; Along East Fronts of Dorpfeldt's Stoa Basileios (=Temple of Apollo) and Royal Stoa (=Stoa of Zeus); From Surface to Classical Floor; Between Metal of Poseidon Street and Dirt Floor at 55.702 May 1933Late Byzantine 
 N 23302 2 May 19333rd-2nd c. B.C. 
 I 779Decree Fragment2 May 19335th. century B.C.