[Agora Lot] Ω 413: Roman House H; Over Bedrock; Along East side of Room I

6th A.D ... Roman House H; Over Bedrock; Along East side of Room I

[Agora Object] P 28428: Unguentarium

Intact. Fusiform shape, thin body, somewhat carelessly made. Three horizontal white bands, one on neck, one on shoulder, one on body. Gray clay. Cistern. 2559 Leica ... 11 August 1970 ... P 28428 ... P 28428 ... Ω 1610

[Agora Object] P 28429: Unguentarium

Intact except for chips. Fusiform shape; body plumper than P 28428. Three white bands: on neck, on shoulder and on body. Light reddish-brown clay. ADDENDA P 28428: Fusiform thin body, somewhat carelessly ... 11 August 1970 ... P 28429 ... P 28429 ... Ω 1611


[Agora Object] P 28433: Bowl with Rouletting: Stamped

Mended from three pieces; complete except for large piece at rim. High ring foot; flaring walls; out-turned lip. Four palmettes and crude rouletting inside. Resting surface reserved. Orange clay. Metallic, ... 11 August 1970 ... P 28433 ... P 28433 ... Ω 1615

[Agora Object] P 28440: Moldmade Bowl

Over two-thirds preserved; mended and restored in plaster. Three feet in the shape of scallop shells. In the medallion, an eight-petalled rosette; about it successive bands of nodules increasing in size ... 11 August 1970 ... P 28440 ... P 28440 ... Ω 1623

[Agora Object] P 28441: Kantharos: West Slope

Over three-fourths complete; mended and restored in plaster. Moulded ring foot; convex lower wall, tapering upper wall; broad strap handles with plastic ivy leaves for thumb grips. Between handles, a decoration ... 11 August 1970 ... P 28441 ... P 28441 ... Ω 1624

[Agora Object] P 28442: Bowl: West Slope

About half preserved; mended and restored in plaster. Flaring ring foot with nipple; sharply flaring walls; high vertical rim. Two grooves near base of wall. On wall, floral pattern with multi-pronged ... 11 August 1970 ... P 28442 ... P 28442 ... Ω 1625

[Agora Object] P 28443: Black Glaze Bowl

About one-third missing; full profile and one handle preserved; mended and restored in plaster. Flaring ring foot; widely flaring wall; high tapering rim; handles turned up but not touching rim; incised ... 11 August 1970 ... P 28443 ... P 28443 ... Ω 1626