[Agora Object] P 54: Mold Fragment for Moldmade Bowl

The center has a four-petaled rosette surrounded with concentric ridges; from the outer ridge radiate small triangles; between them, and from their points extend palm branches and palmettes, alternating ... 15 July 1931 ... P 54 ... P 54 ... Α 1368


[Agora Object] P 56: Red Figure Cup Fragment

The medallion is enclosed by concentric bands; within is the upper part of a draped male figure facing right, swathed in a himation which is drawn up over the back of the head; his hair has a row of curls ... 15 July 1931 ... P 56 ... P 56 ... Α 1370


[Agora Object] P 57: Red Figure Lebes Stand Fragment

Along the top is a band of alternating lotus and palmette pattern, strongly conventionalized; beneath is a band of narrow, pointed leaves. This band crowns two Doric columns, of which the abacus, echinus, ... 15 July 1931 ... P 57 ... P 57 ... Α 1371


[Agora Object] T 30: Mold for Plastic Vase

Mold of a plastic vase in the shape of a knukclebone. On the outside a roughly incised letter delta (Δ). Pinkish clay. 415 Leica, 2-118 ... Card: 3rd c. B.C ... T 30 ... T 30 ... Α

[Agora Object] T 31: Head of Child or Eros Figurine

First interpretation: head of female figurine. Front part of head. Part of right side of face broken away. The features are thick and heavy; the hair is gathered together into a knot above at the middle ... 15 July 1931 ... T 31 ... T 31 ... Α

[Agora Object] L 161: Lamp

Handle broken away. Slightly sloping rim, set off from the sides by an unglazed groove. Body curving. Nozzle broad, deep, flat on top. Used to be a horizontal band handle, at an angle to the body. High ... 15 July 1931 ... L 161 ... L 161 ... Α

[Agora Object] L 162: Lamp Fragment

Small fragment of rim and nozzle. Handle broken away. Wide rim; flat at the outside, sloping sharply to the center at the inside, with a reserved band at the inner edge of the flat part. Body curving; ... 15 July 1931 ... L 162 ... L 162 ... Α

[Agora Object] L 163: Lamp Fragment

Fragment of front part. Nozzle and rim broken. Rim, preserving a wide groove, unglazed, along the outer edge. Body, nearly straight sided. Deep, rather narrow, nozzle; flat on top. High base, somewhat ... 15 July 1931 ... L 163 ... L 163 ... Α