[Agora Object] SS 226: Stamped Amphora Handle: Knidian

Broad; ribbed; only small fragment preserved with start of curve; but not junction of neck. Coarse red clay; greyish at core. Upper right part of the impression slightly incomplete; neat but scarely ... 16 February 1932 ... SS 226 ... SS 226 ... ΣΤ 269

[Agora Coin] N 1304

Athens ... See comment on the envelope. Coin no. 44 Head of Athena Parthenos r. Border of dots. Α ΘΕ Owl r., head facing, standing on amphora. All in olive wreath. No symbol ... 229-30 B.C ... Α-1304 ... N 1304 ... N 1304

[Agora Object] T 69: Cock Figurine Fragment

Head of cock figurine. Front and left side broken away. Above the preserved right eye traces of feathers. Traces of feathers cover also neck (?). Mold made. Traces of white paint. Clay red, medium fine, ... 16 February 1932 ... T 69 ... T 69 ... ΣΤ 128

[Agora Lot] Α 232: Cisterns and Wells; Trial Pit in Stoa between Piers IV and V from South End; From Red Earth; Free of Burning; To East of Pier V

Early Black Glaze ... Piers IV and V from South End; From Red Earth; Free of Burning; To East of Pier V


[Agora Object] P 230: Seated Dionysos and Female Attendant

Mended from several fragments; the top of the vase, with the head of the seated figure, and the head, shoulders and right arm of the standing figure, missing, together with most of the back of the vase ... 16 February 1932 ... P 230 ... P 230 ... ΣΤ 121

[Agora Object] P 231: Kantharos: West Slope

Parts of rim with one handle and part of foot broken away. Profiled foot (0.018 high); flaring rim; from just below its edge to the widest part of the swelling body below, vertical ribbon handles, with ... 16 February 1932 ... P 231 ... P 231 ... ΣΤ 122

[Agora Object] P 232: Black Glaze Cup Kantharos

Rim flares to heavy, profiled edge; remains of large, rising, horizontally set handles attached to the swelling body of the vase. Foot, 0.018 high, two concave mouldings set on a convex one, the central ... 16 February 1932 ... P 232 ... P 232 ... ΣΤ 124

[Agora Object] T 68: Leg Fragment of Figurine

Right leg with high sandal, preserved to a little below mid-calf. Flat underneath. Toes divided by gouged lines. Mold made; solid. Red wash. Clay fine red; yellow at center. Leica ... 16 Feb 1932 ... T 68 ... T 68 ... ΣΤ 125