[Agora Object] S 418: Head Fragment of Figure in Helmet

Only a fragment from the head, and the eye of the left side, remain. The helmet has a broad and heavy band across the brow, and over it short locks of hair curl. Above the band, a series of drill holes ... 27 January 1934 ... S 418 ... S 418 ... ΟΕ 7

[Agora Object] A 258: Architrave Backer

Back and bottom surface broken away; top preserved, with evidence of a clamp cutting. The crowning molding projects 0.018m. Anathyrosis on preserved end. Weathering along front edge on top. Assigned to ... 27 January 1934 ... A 258 ... A 258 ... ΟΕ 3

[Agora Object] I 1271: Grave Monument Fragment

Columnar grave monument. The upper part, with some of the fillet remains. One line of the inscription preserved. Bluish-white marble. Found as left by previous excavators, in the area of the New Bouleuterion ... 27 January 1934 ... I 1271 ... I 1271 ... ΟΕ 12


[Agora Object] I 1362: Prytany Decree Fragment

Fragment of unfluted column drum. A flake from the side of an unfluted column drum, the surface of which shows the marks of a fine toothed chisel. Fifteen lines of the inscription preserved. Note erasures ... 180-192 A.D ... I 1362 ... I 1362 ... ΟΕ 17