[Agora Report] 1935 ΟΕ: Gleanings from the West Side of the Agora Spring of 1935, Section ΟΕ

Homer A. Thompson ... An account, based on archaeological evidence so far discovered, on some of the buildings in the west side of the Agora: Stoa of Zeus Eleutherios and vicinity, Sanctuary of Apollo Patroos, Sanctuary of ... 27 Jan 1934-30 May 1935 ... 1935 ΟΕ

[Agora Object] I 1269: Tombstone Fragments

Latin inscription. Elizabeth Cumming's Epitaph. Fragment ΟΕ 10 a), broken behind and on all sides. Lettered surface smooth but undulating. Letters lightly cut. Three lines of the inscription preserved ... a) (ΟΕ 10) 27 January 1934 b) (ΚΚ 1262) 18 July 1939 ... I 1269 ... I 1269 ... ΟΕ 10