[Agora Object] P 189: Brazier Lug Fragment: Satyr Head

Head of satyr. Hair stands erect on the forehead in parallel curves; large ears; broad nose; heavy eyebrows; bulging eyes with heavy lids; mouth partially indicated; deep grooves indicate the beard, which ... 26 June 1931 ... P 189 ... P 189 ... Α 1480

[Agora Object] T 19: Dove Figurine Fragment

One side of head only. Details indicated by gouged lines. Mold made, hollow. Reddish clay. 226 Leica ... 26 June 1931 ... T 19 ... T 19 ... Α

[Agora Object] SS 88: Stamped Amphora Handle: Unidentified

Small, curves close to neck. Medium fine, buff clay; micaceous, greyish discoloration. Small monogram, carelessly set, of uneven depth, but sharp. Dim: W 0.034* Par: not found among monos of Dumont 1871 ... 26 June 1931 ... SS 88 ... SS 88 ... Α


[Agora Object] SS 89: Stamped Amphora Handle: Thasian

Rising, irregularly ridged; broad, and widening slightly to neck. Coarse reddish-grey clay; redder near surface; micaceous. Right end of the impression broken away; worn; set neatly, but off centre and ... 26 June 1931 ... SS 89 ... SS 89 ... Α

[Agora Object] SS 90: Stamped Amphora Handle: Knidian

Slightly rising; broad, widening to neck. Coarse yellowish-red clay, greyish toward core; traces of light slip. Impression set obliquely, incomplete upper left and corner lower right. Ἐπὶ Ἀσκληπιο[δ]ώ ... 26 June 1931 ... SS 90 ... SS 90 ... Α

[Agora Object] L 124: Lamp

On rim, single row of raised dots. On discus, ring of raised leaves around central filling hole, indistinct. Handle semi-pierced, triple grooved. On bottom, two concentric circles outside and three inside ... 26 June 1931 ... L 124 ... L 124 ... Α

[Agora Object] L 125: Lamp

On rim, vine pattern. Discus, small, concave, with rays, enclosed by raised band. Handle pierced, triple grooved. Nozzle straight sided, extending to discus. On bottom, single circular groove enclosing ... 26 June 1931 ... L 125 ... L 125 ... Α

[Agora Object] L 139: Lamp

On rim, vine pattern; partly broken. On discus, Christian monogram with loop to right; four oil holes between arms of cross. Handle solid, double grooved. Nozzle partially broken; rounded. On bottom, double ... 26 June 1931 ... L 139 ... L 139 ... Α