[Agora Object] L 123: Lamp

Body with curving sides merging with rim; open socket through center. Short nozzle, blunt nozzle encroaching on rim. High base. Mottled red and black glaze over the entire lamp, badly chipped. Buff clay ... 28 June 1931 ... L 123 ... L 123 ... Α

[Agora Lot] Α 68

Late Black Glaze ... Agora

[Agora Lot] Α 112: Well

Late Roman ... Well

[Agora Object] L 126: Lamp

Nozzle broken. On rim, stamped circles around double groove. On discus, standing male figure, imperial Byzantine type, with long palm branch in right hand. Handle solid, with hatched band. On bottom, double ... 29 June 1931 ... L 126 ... L 126 ... Α