[Agora Coin] N 663

Aigina ... Coin no. 14 ΑΙ[ΓΙ] above Prow r. Α?[ΓΛΑ] below Ram's head r. Border of dots ... 3rd-2nd c. B.C ... Α-661 ... N 663 ... N 663

[Agora Coin] N 665

Siphnos ... Plated counterfeit of silver hemidrachm. Bronze clearly visible beneath the silver envelope. The coin appears to have been intentionally flattened. Coin no. 17 Casts stored in Lab Case no. 52A Researcher: ... 6th c. B.C ... Α-663 ... N 665 ... N 665

[Agora Coin] N 668

Athens ... (a) Fine-style obverses. Coin no. 22 Bust of Athena r., wearing Corinthian helmet and aegis. Border of dots. AθH-NAI-ΩN Kore standing r., holding two torches downward to r. Border of dots. 82-29-31 ... Ca. 120's-140's or later A.D ... Α-666 ... N 668 ... N 668

[Agora Lot] Α 43

3rd Quarter of 2nd B.C ... Agora

[Agora Lot] Α 108

Red Figure - Black Glaze ... Agora

[Agora Lot] Α 138

3rd Quarter of 2nd A.D ... Agora


[Agora Object] P 150: Plastic Attachment: Satyr Mask

Fragment of the front part of a Satyr head. On the mask, the hair, brows and eyes are outlined in broad strokes of hard black glaze; the eyeball is painted dull white as is a band beside the brow. The ... Late 6th c. B.C ... P 150 ... P 150 ... Α 1460


[Agora Object] L 134: Lamp: Inscribed

On rim, raised ovules around small flat top. Double convex body; vertical handle; end of nozzle broken. Fairly high base, inscribed: "IAΦH". Glaze black metallic, with silvery sheen. Pale red clay. Type ... 3 July 1931 ... L 134 ... L 134 ... Α