[Agora Image] 2002.02.0001

Balloon Photograph from 1975 ... Horizontal (normal) ... 1 May 1975 ... Balloon Photograph from 1975



White marble, cracked and discolored. Missing parts. Mended from three fragments. Of the kneeling figures, all of three heads and most of fourth are missing; one thigh missing from each. At the top the ... 1975/04/30 1975/05/08 ... A 457 ... 457

[Agora Deposit] R 13:8: Debris From Room I of Street Stoa

Debris, Room I of Street Stoa (R/16,20-13/10,15). The lack of any rooftiles and similar architectural debris suggests that perhaps it was brought in from an adjacent area and dumped in the room. This is ... 6-8 May 1975 ... Debris From Room I of Street Stoa


[Corinth Object] C 1975 39: ATTIC RED-FIGURE OPEN CUP

Vessel profile strongly convex. Lustrous black glaze. A. from mid body, Interior glazed. Exterior:A draped female at viewer's left, nude male to R. of female figure left central part of torso and left ... ca. 420-400 BCE ... C 1975 39 ... 39

[Corinth Basket] NB625 B55 P47

625 55 47 ... Based on pottery and stratigraphy ... Corinth


[Corinth Object] C 19: BASILICA MARBLE

1975/05/19 ... BASILICA MARBLE


[Corinth Object] MF 1975 134: BRONZE STRAINER

Bronze strainer with bowl-shaped body with flanged horizontal rim and vertical lip. Vessel body gently narrows to strainer collar, at which point walls narrow at 45 degree angle to form shallow bottom ... 2nd quarter to mid-13th c. CE, according to Sanders ... MF 1975 134 ... 134


[Corinth Object] MF 1975 135: BRONZE SAUCEPAN

One-handled wide shallow saucepan with false base consisting of flat bottom, vertical sides, body curves down, then out and up with vertical profile to narrow outturned rim. Handle hollow with seam running ... 2nd quarter to mid-13th c. CE, according to Sanders; comparanda Late Byzantine ... MF 1975 135 ... 135