[Agora Notebook Page] ΝΝ-10-54 (pp. 1897-1898)

History of Well ... ΝΝ-10 1897, 1898 L 3907 L 3908 P 15650 P 15651 P 15652 P 15653 L 4088 P 17020 P 17021 P 17022 P 17023 P 17024 P 17025 Lot ΝΝ 266

[Agora Deposit] D 19:2: Well

Well on the lower west slope of the Areopagus. Tiled well. The tiles were carefully made and clamped together with lead, two clamps at each joint. Several fills but apparently all 2nd c. Material in lowest ... Late end to early 1st c. B.C.


[Agora Object] L 3908: Plastic Lamp: Head of Bull

Complete except for end of nozzle (i.e., lower jaw) and small chips. Lamp in form of bull's head, filleted, and with floral ornament between horns. Filling hole-strainer with five holes on top of head ... 10 June 1939


[Agora Object] P 15650: Basket-Handled Water Jar

Intact. Ring foot and short plump body with straight lip. Low unridged handle. Micaceous brownish clay with grits, 5YR 6/8; unglazed. Well. 1896 Leica, XVIII-59, 96-5-3 ... 14 June 1939


[Agora Object] P 15651: Basket-Handled Water Jar

Half the lip and neck missing. Similar to P 15650 (ΝΝ 1478) but with neck and rim forming continuous curve with body and mouth squeezed together from side to side. Lip slightly thickened. Gritty red ... 14 June 1939

[Agora Object] P 15652: Vessel: Cooking Ware

Small hole in one side. Rounded bottom and deep body with straight rim and rounded lip. Two vertical band handles to lip. Micaceous red clay with large grits, somewhat burned on bottom. Well. 1896 Leica ... 14 June 1939

[Agora Object] P 15653: Black Glaze Jug

Handle missing, otherwise intact. Squat rounded body with flat bottom; short outward-tilted lip. Dull black glaze much peeled. Well. 1896 Leica, 89-20-18 ... 14 June 1939


[Agora Object] P 17020: Amphora: West Slope

Most of rim and both handles missing. High, grooved ring foot; wide body rounded sharply below the shoulder; tall flaring neck; projecting lip. Scratched grooves at level of handle attachments. On shoulder: ... 9-14 June 1939