[Corinth Object] S 2603

Synaiterismos; Bay 8; Row 2A; Shelf 2 (13/03/2017 10:44:09)

[Agora Object] AP 2603: Krater Fragment: Patterned

Two fragments, a and b. Buff clay, tan glaze decoration. ADDENDA 2018: Four sherds to a large krater with everted rim. No other features are preserved. The exterior decoration consists of a medium ... LH IIIC Middle ... Hesperia 8 (1939), p. 356, fig. 30,a.


[Agora Coin] N 2603

Athens ... Athens Roman Imperial Post-Hadrianic. Coin no. 8. Hoard. Pit. Head of Athena r. Border of dots. ΑΘΗΝΑΙ-ΩΝ Athena standing l., holding phiale in outstretched r. hand; l. arm goes through strap of round ... Ca. 264-267 A.D ... N 2603 ... N 2603

[Agora Object] L 2603: Lamp

Herringbone on rim; Christian monogram on discus; handle double grooved and pierced. Bottom almond-shaped, with traces apparently of a signature in a double groove. Unglazed. Brown clay, slightly micaceous ... 8 June 1936 ... L 2603 ... L 2603

[Agora Object] P 2603: Black Glaze Stemless Cup

About a quarter preserved, including most of the small flat base and two bits of the rim, and one handle. Restored in plaster. Flaring sides, incurving slightly toward the top. Reserved: the base and a ... August-September 1932 ... P 2603 ... P 2603


[Agora Object] S 2603: Votive Relief Fragment

Right lower corner of votive relief. Broken at top and left. Base and right side preserved. Rough-picked back preserved at side. Two standing worshippers: front figure at smaller scale representing a ... 9 August 1977 ... S 2603 ... S 2603

[Agora Object] T 2603: Seated Figurine Fragment

Seated figure holding a dog (?) in her lap; of the figure, only parts of the hands and drapery preserved. Broken all around. Heavy white paint on dog with red for collar and stripes; red paint on hands ... 29 April 1948 ... T 2603 ... T 2603


[Agora Drawing] PD 2603 (DA 3877)

Restored plan of Agora up to the Acropolis at end of the 5th century B.C ... W.B. Dinsmoor, Jr ... Replaces PD 2464. Blank Master Plan. Agora Monuments c.a 400 B.C. Oversize, scanned summer 2019. Fragile Torn Dirty Abraded Repaired Heavy Tracing Paper Drafting Ink ... 5th century B.C ... PD 2603 (DA 3877) ... PD 2603

[Agora Object] P 24393: Black Figure Lekythos

Mouth, handle and part of upper wall missing. General type as P 24316 (ΣΑ 2526): This is the characteristic general type for the large proportion of the lekythoi from this group. Bell mouth with variations ... May-June 1954 ... Monaco (2000), [A,XVIII,3h], p. 188.


[Agora Object] P 10539: Red Figure Lebes Gamikos

Two fragments mended from many pieces. a) Draped standing woman, left, behind her a door; in front of her part of another draped figure(?), and, nearer, a column. Between her and the door, a scarf hanging ... 21 May 1937 ... ΠΘ 2603

[Agora Object] P 17632: Ostrakon of Themistokles Neokleous Phrearrios

From the wall of a plain amphora. Incised outside: Red gravelly fill. 4376 Leica ... 29 April 1947 ... ΝΝ 2603

[Agora Object] I 6069: Grave Monument Fragment

Inscribed fragment of columnar grave monument. Chunk of a medium sized monument, broken below and behind. Two lines of the inscription preserved. Hymettian marble. Found in marble dump, just southwest ... 7 August 1947 ... Γ 2603


[Agora Notebook Page] Ω-14-6 (pp. 2602-2603)

Index. Room I. Room 2. Room 2A. Room 3. Room 3A ... Ω-14 2602, 2603 ... Room 2A ... Room 3A


[Agora Notebook Page] Ζ-14-33 (pp. 2602-2603)

Black Glaze Bowl Fragment with Graffito. Roof Tile Fragment: Stamped. Female Head. Stamped Amphora Handle: Knidian ... Ζ-14 2602, 2603 P 13317 A 918 T 1847 SS 8147 P 13317 A 918 T 1847 SS 8147 ... 25 May 1938 ... Ζ-14-33 (pp. 2602-2603) ... Ζ.2603 ... A 918

[Ambrosia Publication] Manuscripta : a journal for manuscript research.

Turnhout (Belgium) : Brepols, ... St. Louis University Knights of Columbus Vatican Film Library (St. Louis, Missouri) Vol.56.1, 2012 includes an article by Konstantinos Terzopoulos under title ''A checklist of manuscripts containing Byzantine ... 1957 - ... Manuscripta : a journal for manuscript research.

[Ambrosia Publication] La Bulgarie aux Bulgares : hier, aujourd'hui, demain (1895) / par Léopold Dupuy-Peyou.

Dupuy-Peyou, Léopold ... Paris : A. Savaète; Bruxelles : A. Vromant, ... 'Illustration tirées en partie de Paris à Constantinople, album du touriste par Constant de Tours.' ... 1896 ... T 2603 (Gennadius Library)

[Ambrosia Publication] Mykonos, Delos, Rinia : development plan

Politis, I. B. aut Romanos, A. G. aut Καλλιγάς, Αλέξανδρος Σ. aut Παπαγεωργίου-Βενετάς, Αλέξανδρος 1933- aut ... Athens: Ministry of Planning and Governmental Policy, ... Υπουργείον Κυβερνητικής Πολιτικής Διεύθυνσις Χωροταξικού Προγραμματισμού pbl Ministry of Planning and Governmental Policy pbl Architects and planners: A. S. Kalligas, A. N. Papageorgiou, I. B. Politis, ... 1972 ... GT 2603.51 (Gennadius Library)

[Ambrosia Publication] Delos, Myconos / [by] A. Karantonis.

Καραντώνης, Ανδρέας 1910-1982 ... Athens : Pechlivanides, M., ... Pechlivanides (M.) pbl Maps on end papers bsa0110 ... s.a ... Delos, Myconos / [by] A. Karantonis.


[Agora Publication Page] Agora 7, s. 75, p. 59

Goddess with double axe. KL 2563-2566. Haken 99, p. 95, pl. XIV. Apes at table. Athens N.M. 3248. Inst. phots. N.M. 2515, 2516. Two fish. Athens N.M. 3203. Inst. phots. N.M. 2517, 2524. KL 2567-2568. Boat ... Agora 7 59 ... 2nd half of 3rd A.D.-1st half of 4th A.D ... KL 2603-2605


[Agora Notebook Page] Ω-10-89 (pp. 1969-1970)

Pit ... Ω-10 1969, 1970 Ω:1957.0516:15 Ω:1957.0516:16 Ω:1957.0516:17 Ω:1957.0516:18 N 72285 Ω:1957.0517:1 N 72286 Ω:1957.0517:2 N 72287 Ω:1957.0517:3 N 72288 Ω:1957.0517:4 N 72289 Ω:1957.0517:5 N 72290 Ω:1957.0517:6 ... Athens, Roman Imperial ... N 2603