[Agora Object] P 24393: Black Figure Lekythos

Mouth, handle and part of upper wall missing. General type as P 24316 (ΣΑ 2526): This is the characteristic general type for the large proportion of the lekythoi from this group. Bell mouth with variations ... May-June 1954 ... Monaco (2000), [A,XVIII,3h], p. 188.


[Agora Object] P 10539: Red Figure Lebes Gamikos

Two fragments mended from many pieces. a) Draped standing woman, left, behind her a door; in front of her part of another draped figure(?), and, nearer, a column. Between her and the door, a scarf hanging ... 21 May 1937 ... ΠΘ 2603

[Agora Object] P 17632: Ostrakon of Themistokles Neokleous Phrearrios

From the wall of a plain amphora. Incised outside: Red gravelly fill. 4376 Leica ... 29 April 1947 ... ΝΝ 2603

[Agora Object] I 6069: Grave Monument Fragment

Inscribed fragment of columnar grave monument. Chunk of a medium sized monument, broken below and behind. Two lines of the inscription preserved. Hymettian marble. Found in marble dump, just southwest ... 7 August 1947 ... Γ 2603