[Agora Object] A 44: Cornice Block: Doric

Anathyrosis band preserved at both ends, rough-picked in back, which is cut away apparently for lightening (?). Bottom resting surface smooth finished; top rough-picked, smoother on sloping portion over ... 2 July 1931


[Agora Coin] N 480

Thessalian League ... Time of Hadrianus. Coin no. 9. Casts stored in Lab Case No. 52A. [ΑΧΙΛ]-ΛΕΥC Bust of Achilles r., wearing crested helmet. Border of dots. [ΘΕ]ECCΑΛΩ|Ν Horse stepping r. 245 C 752, 90-16-17, 84-2-28 ... 117-138 A.D.

[Agora Object] L 126: Lamp

Nozzle broken. On rim, stamped circles around double groove. On discus, standing male figure, imperial Byzantine type, with long palm branch in right hand. Handle solid, with hatched band. On bottom, double ... 29 June 1931

[Agora Object] L 297: Lamp Fragment

Fragment of top preserved. On discus, figure of bear, facing right, in the field above; filling hole between legs of bear; signed: "Φ(OBOC)". Thin red glaze. Red clay. Type XXVIII of Corinth collection ... 1931

[Agora Object] L 144: Lamp

On rim, herringbone. Discus, plain, heart-shaped, with two volutes next to handle. Handle solid, double grooved. Nozzle without circles. On reverse, almond-shaped groove, signed. Unglazed. Buff clay; top ... 10 July 1931

[Agora Object] L 148: Lamp

Tip of handle missing. On rim, stamped triangles and leaves. On discus, Christian monogram with loop to right; herringbone pattern on arms of cross; three oil holes. Handle plain, solid. Rather long nozzle ... 13 July 1931

[Agora Object] L 150: Lamp

Fragment of top part. Reverse missing. On rim, herringbone. Discus, plain, with central filling hole and four lateral holes. Handle pierced, double grooved, with three impressed circles at its junction ... 13 July 1931

[Agora Object] L 127: Lamp

On rim, herringbone. On discus, Christian monogram; cross, bars grooved, loop to right. Handle solid, double grooved. On bottom, single almond-shaped groove, signed: "XIONHΣ". Unglazed. Red clay. Type ... 30 June 1931