[Agora Publication] The Athenian Agora: Museum Guide

Gawlinski, L ... American School of Classical Studies ... 5 978-0-87661-658-1 ... 2014


[Agora Object] S 850: Portrait Statue of Draped Standing Male Figure

Head, set in socket, missing; socket fully preserved. Feet and lower part of drapery broken off, also upper part of right arm and most of the fingers of the right hand. Left forearm and hand largely missing ... 16 March 1937


[Agora Object] S 1604: Portrait Head of Male Figure

Nose chipped; otherwise intact except for minor chips. Portrait of middle-aged man with close-trimmed beard and mustache. Hair simply treated and cap-like except for locks falling over forehead. Eyes have ... Late 3rd c. or early 4th c. A.D.