[Agora Object] P 10342: Lekythos

Repaired. Rim, handle and bits of side missing. Surface damaged. Two quadrigas race(?). Charioteer to left is bearded. Vestiges of white on his dress. Dotted bands above and below. On shoulder, rays. ... 24 March 1936

[Agora Object] P 10343: Lekythos

Repaired. Half foot missing and part of sides near shoulder. Herakles and three Amazons. Three dotted lines above. Rays on shoulder. White for flesh of Amazons and various ornaments; where it has been ... 24 March 1936

[Agora Object] P 10344: Lekythos

Repaired. Parts missing include piece of lip. Center, reclining banqueter with lyre player. From left and right, two ride up on mules. Rays on shoulder. White for lyre, flesh of player, and various ornaments ... 24 March 1936

[Agora Object] P 10345: Lekythos

Repaired. Neck and bits missing. Herakles and three Amazons. Almost the twin of P 10343 (ΟΧ 130). He has one down; another runs up from right to help her; a third runs away left, looking back. Double dotted ... 24 March 1936

[Agora Object] P 10346: Lekythos

Repaired. Neck and part of foot and other bits missing. Surface much damaged. Quadriga before a draped seated figure. One or more other draped figures seem to be behind. Above, dotted zigzag; below, maeander ... 24 March 1936


[Agora Object] P 10347: Black Glaze Stemmed Bowl with Lid

Repaired. Flat-topped central peg, with grooved edge. Reserved: edges of peg, resting surface, and underside of lid; flange of bowl; edge and resting surface of foot. Burned pit, pyre 6 (lid), 480-460 ... 24 March 1936

[Agora Object] P 10348: Lekythos

Neck and handle broken; repaired. Three palmettes, a loop of black glaze over each one, and half another beyond, on each side. On shoulder, rays. Cf. P 10342. ADDENDA From a workshop imitating the Beldam ... 24 March 1936

[Agora Object] P 10349: Lekythos

Repaired; rim and part of sides missing. Surface badly gone. Quadriga. ADDENDA Workshop of the Haimon Painter, as P 10327. Cf. also P 10342. Burned pit, pyre 8. Leica, 6-170 ... 24 March 1936